Papyrus Research is a full service market research consultancy, specialising in business to business research.

We know that good decisions are based on knowledge, and knowledge is gained by asking the right people the right questions. We can help your business to:

Find out what your clients think about the service they receive – giving you the power to retain (and delight) your existing clients, spot opportunities to cross-sell and generate more recommendations.

Maximise your brand’s potentialhow is it perceived by clients, prospects, referrers and the wider market? 

Pinpoint your position in the marketwho are your competitors, and how do you square up against them? What is your USP and how can you exploit it?

Understand why people buy from youand how you can attract new and more lucrative clients.

Launch new products and services with confidenceto the right market, at the right time, through the right channels.

How do we work?

We pride ourselves on bringing you the very best in service, expertise and creative thinking. At Papyrus Research we believe that market research should be:

Commercial – delivering actionable results to improve your bottom line.

Hassle-free – so you can get on with your own job!

Professional – conducted with integrity and respect, in line with industry best practice.

We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you need, map out clear objectives for your research, and create a bespoke programme to ensure every objective is met.

We’ll keep you up to date every step of the way, with a dedicated account manager to ensure you’re never left in the dark. We collaborate with a select band of very clever associates, who can provide everything from custom software development to foreign language interviewing.


Soo Darcy

Managing Director

For the past 15 years Soo has been helping businesses to grow their client base, improve their market position and develop their brand. Having worked in research agencies in London and Newcastle, she has designed, executed and delivered qualitative, quantitative and desk research projects for clients including global law firms and insurers, a blue-chip IT company, SMEs and a range of public sector organisations.

Soo has interviewed thousands of respondents including C-Suites, general counsel, MPs and managing directors. She is a trained interviewer and focus group moderator, and is the author of Digital Copyright and IP: Protecting Your Organisation (2013); Ahead of the Game: Competitive Intelligence Strategies for Sustained Advantage (2012); and Competitive Intelligence for Law Firms (2008). Soo holds a BA in English, an MA in Modern & Contemporary Studies and a GDip in Law.

In her spare time Soo collects children, rats and guinea pigs.